Streamzoo 2.9.1

Capture, edit and share photos in a flash


  • Lots of editing options
  • Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Follow streams via hashtags
  • Great tilt shift feature


  • Somewhat difficult to search for streams to follow from the app

Very good

Streamzoo is an app for Android smartphones that lets you edit pictures you've taken with your mobile device and share them all over the web.

Do you love the photo sharing capabilities of Flickr? What about the impressive editing options in picplz? If so, you're going to love Streamzoo, which is sort of a hybrid of both apps.

Sharing photos you take on your phone has never been easier with Streamzoo. Simply click, choose how you want to edit and share it with the world. It's up to you to choose the hashtags that best describe your photograph, since that's how other users will search for it via the app or online. The Streamzoo app is incredibly easy to use, even though the app is packed with a bunch of useful features.

Editing is a snap with Streamzoo. Just click through your options and the app will apply the effect. If you like it, keep it. If not, it's a one-click fix to get it back to its original state. One of the coolest editing features is the tilt shift feature, which is simple to use and produces great results. Currently, Streamzoo has 14 filter effects and 15 border effects.

You can also login to your account through Twitter or Facebook and post content to either social network, as well as on Tumblr. Streamzoo also lets you connect with other users by commenting on their photos or even messaging them directly.

The only difficulty some users might experience with Streamzoo is figuring out how to use the app to follow your preferred hashtags.

All-in-all, Streamzoo is an absolute must try for photo editing and sharing enthusiasts on the go.

Upload issues have been fixed


  • Upload issues have been fixed


Streamzoo 2.9.1

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